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Whether buying or selling a home in Fairfield County, I can help you find the right property to purchase, or market your home so it will sell at its highest potential. It's always an opprtune time to buy or sell, but working with the right Realtor is an integral part of your success. Fairfield County is so diverse, from the beautiful beach communities to the country feel of an authentic antique nestled in the trees, the choices are endless. Mortgage rates are still relatively low, so the market will continue to be ever changing and the inventory up or down. As a former builder for 12 years, homes and how they are built is what I know! I have helped so many clients discover what improvements or changes can be done to a home, and where your limitiations lie. In terms of selling, merchandizing and staging is the key to catching the emotional eye of the right buyer. Marketing is imperative, from the photos to social media. We also have the right resources of professional partners from mortgage lenders to  movers to help you through the process. We work as a team, and together will get you where you want to be. Take a look at my featured listings for some properties that are not officially on the market, but availabel to purchase. I look forward to hearing from you!

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